Служебный роман. Наше время (Сарик Андреасян) [2011 г., мелодрама, комедия, DVD5]

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Bearing main fault
linear slide system journal at work due to contact with the pad will produce friction, leading to the surface of heat, wear and tear even "killed", so in the design of the bearing should be used in anti-friction material with good miniature bearings, proper lubricant supply and use of appropriate methods to improve the bearing structure in order to obtain a thick film lubrication.
1, tile surface corrosion: spectral analysis found abnormal concentrations of non-ferrous metal element; spectrum appeared submicron wear particles of many non-ferrous metals; lubricants excessive moisture, acid value exceeded.
2, surface corrosion journal: spectral analysis found abnormal concentrations of iron, iron spectrum, there are a number of sub-micron particles of iron components, lubricants excessive moisture or acid value exceeded.
3, the journal surface strain: iron spectrum in the presence of an iron-based cutting abrasive temper color or black oxide particles, the metal surface. 4, tile back fretting: spectral analysis found abnormal concentrations of iron, iron spectrum, there are many iron content submicron wear particles, water and lubricating oil acid value exception.
5, the bearing surface strain: iron spectrum found in cutting abrasive, abrasive component of non-ferrous metals.
6, peeling tile: iron spectrum found in many large fatigue spalling alloy wear particles, layered abrasive grains.
7, the bearing bush-burning: iron alloy grains spectrum have more large-size and black metal oxides.
8,FB092 bushing-wrapped bronze: characteristics of the metal shaft (high hardness, yield poor) and other reasons, could easily lead to adhesive wear, abrasive wear, fatigue wear, fretting wear and other conditions.
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